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Mother Nature and Chinese Wisdom

No matter how spectacular/devastating an event is, if it affects only a couple of ten thousand people spread about the hemisphere it is still local – and of no global interest whatsoever.
No matter how wise a famous quote appears, what it means to you is up to you and the context you put it in.
There you have it again: local versus global…

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Schwierige Zeiten in San Martin !

Asche im Himmel, Korruption auf offener Strasse, und dann noch kein Schnee…
Das sind schwierige Zeiten in San Martin!

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The Four Pillars of a Successful Day

After a certain time in any place I always find a couple of spots which, for one reason or another, I can rely on to “save my day”.

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Mean Sea Level at 4000 feet…

High altitude experience is not only a visual privilege and not only one of pilots or mountain climbers. In some places, some instances it can also enchant ‘pedestrians’ !

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Argentina ist überall

Oft sind es kleine Details in der täglichen Routine, die einen Ort, ein Land, eine Kultur auszeichnen. Mal sind sie neckisch, mal nervend. Finde ich dann Ähnliches a million miles away bin ich total überrascht.

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