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Photo of the week – 24

Für die Nacht zieht sich die Asche-Wolke des Vulkans Puyehue in Chile nach Süden zurück. Was vom “Sand” aus dem Vulkan schon am Boden liegt wird den Busverkehr heute nicht stören.

2 Responses to “Photo of the week – 24”

  1. Esteban says:

    Dear Wolf, i am really amased with the pictures posted on your blog.
    They extract the soul of every moment.
    Hope we can meet sometime in B.A. or San Martin for a gliding flight together.

    Keep on posting!

  2. Wolf says:

    Hey Esteban,
    To show with a picture what’s in – and behind – the moment is what I try to do: kind of tell a short story with them.
    Yeah, would be great if we could meet sometime..
    But now – next photo posted!!

    hasta la proxima!

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