podcast #7: The Day of the Classics

tow into wave

I like to fly.

And for me the most enjoyable way of flying is going on a cross country flight in a glider.

Curiosity, challenge, adventure, tension, fun, satisfaction,… a lot of stuff comes up, happens during such a flight.

Obvously there’s a lot to talk about over beer(s) after landing.

An interesting aspect of this talking is that sometimes facets of a flight become important, at times even dominant, which have nothing to do with the flying itself. This is more likely to happen when the story of a flight comes up again later, with some temporal distance, with some mental detachment from the immediate experience,

Here, in the podcast below, is an example of one such flight and my reflection on it a couple of years later…

You can download the illustrated pdf here , and the audio fans find the player of the podcast player-button below (and a Download link, as well).

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2 Responses to “The Day of the Classics”

  1. Jim Murray says:

    Hi Wolf. You may remember we met some time ago in Boulder, we spoke briefly about my shopping around for a -20. Anyway, I just listened to your “Day of the Classics” and really enjoyed it. It’s poetry! Funny, sharp, and witty soaring prose. Keep it up!


  2. Wolf says:

    Thanks Jim!
    Yeah, I remember vaguely. After listening to this story perhaps you’ll change your mind and look for a Standard Austria instead…;-)

    btw: have you listened to the other podcasts yet? (and there are more in the pipeline)

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