an hour of unexpected…bliss?

“I’m sure it’s gonna be good!” and a reference to a name I didn’t know, that was all of an email I got about two weeks ago.
And then I ran into a friend last Saturday.
“There’s a concert tonight, should be good. I’ll be there, wanna come along?”
So I did.
Here, in San Martin, you have to jump on the opportunities when they present themselves. Cultural highlights are not exactly abundant. And two recommendations put anything in the ‘highlights’ category.
A guitarist who used to live and teach here visited from Madrid and brought a couple of friends for a gig in the local cultural center, ie the multipurpose hall in the movie theater.

A basist, a drummer, a guy on the keyboard and Abel, the guitar player – a rather generic quartet.
But when they let it rip it was anything but generic!
Holy moly…

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any sort of recording device with me. 🙁

A couple of days later the drummer organized a jam (well, a drum-) session and invited all the youngsters studying percussion in the local music school.
He started out with a 10 minute solo – oh man, what a talent!

Last night, they played again, a 90 minute gig in Dublin, the most popular bar/pub in town.
I couldn’t resist, went again, but this time I came equipped.
Here a short video clip of the impromptu show:

[flv:Wovi-AbelCalz-Dublin_F6_FastStart_768K.flv Wovi-AbelCalz-Dublin_F6_FastStart_768K.jpg 480 270]

“Equipped” – I said?
Well, I remembered that I had my iPod-touch somewhere in my cargo pants.
Hard to believe that it records sound with that quality given its minute mic…

For the hardcore batteristas here’s a clip from the unreal 10 minute-solo and his jam on the keyboard..

[flv:JM-CC-cotesma-fs_F8_FastStart_768K.flv JM-CC-cotesma-fs_F8_FastStart_768K.jpg 480 270]

Hasta pronto!

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