It happened again..

..or, perhaps better: we made it happen again.
After a 8-month hiatus Eliseo and I continued with our informal series of talks about “el arte en la fotografia”. It took us a while to synchronize our schedules, but more than that it wasn’t easy to come up with a new place as our favorite spot “Vakuschka” has changed management and turned into yet another rather nondescript restaurant.
This time we tried the most popular pub in town “Dublin South Pub”.
Our time slot of 7pm on a sunday was chosen to minimize interference from the crowds watching ‘futbol’ or other big tv-events in the main bar area below.
It worked, kind of, but we will be searching for other options.

Anyway, if you want to see (and read, to some extent) what I had to say about the most expensive photo in he art world (it sold for 4.3 mill US$ !!) and other works of famous German photographer Andreas Gursky click on the picture of the flyer below to download a pdf with my slides and the accompanying notes to keep me on the right (spanish-speaking) track.

For a smaller pdf document (lower quality graphics/ 1.9Mb vs 7.1Mb) go there


Ah, and by the way:
here’s a great, and in parts really funny, video about the maestro and his work, done in the unimitable British style…in (British) English, (British-) German, with bits of Castellano and French thrown in… Ben Lewis – Gursky World on Vimeo.

Enjoy !


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