Photo of the week - 25

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nunca volvió

er kam nicht zurück

he never came back


    Photo of the week - 24

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    five o’clock tea

    I’m (almost) always amazed about the versatility and optical quality hidden in that little LX7


      Photo of the week - 23

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      cielo “iPhonico”

      iPhone Himmel

      iPhone sky

      selecting a ‘photo of the week’ can be difficult at times.
      Perhaps there wasn’t much going on photography-wise during the week, or too much…

      It helps, if every once in a while I show another photographer a couple of Lightroom archives.
      Suddenly an image pops up which has been sleeping for quite some time.


        Photo of the week - 22

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        desde ariba

        von oben

        from above


          Photo of the week - 21

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          himno nacional


          national anthem

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